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HR Support Package

We will provide a range of documents specifically tailored to your own staff and business needs. The documents available as standard include:

Contracts of Employment

Company policies / Staff Handbooks

Blue collar and white collar staff
Fixed term employees
Fixed hours staff
Staff working flexitime
Job share staff
"Zero Hour" contracts
Grievance and disciplinary policy
Anti-bullying policy
Equal opportunities policy
Sexual harassment policy
Alcohol and drug abuse policy
Age discrimination policy
Company vehicle policy
Mobile phone policy
Maternity and paternity policy
Disability discrimination policy
Sick pay policy
Holiday entitlement
As legislation changes, our staff update all these records for you so they are ready as the legislation actually comes in to force.

We also provide regular bulletins to give you advance warning of legislation changes and to inform you when your documentation has been updated.

All Abacus HR clients have access to a dedicated helpline that will provide support for any HR issue. For those difficult cases our HR legal help lines are available to address specific legal issues.

As a client you have access to your own secure extranet site, which is used to store all of the HR related material that is relevant for your company. As time goes by you will also have access to the archived files through your history facility.

Abacus HR+

With the Abacus HR+ service we can offer you the peace of mind that comes from a Fully Managed HR service. Abacus HR+ service can cover virtually all aspects of workplace and HR management, including training your managers, and other senior staff, in how to deal with workplace procedures, appraisals and staff development.

The Abacus HR+ includes: 

  • HR Support Package
  • Staff Appraisal Systems
  • 360˚ Appraisal Process
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Staff Search and Selection Process
  • Mentoring and Coaching of Individual Managers
  • Johari Window Evaluations
  • Training needs analysis
  • Staff development plans
  • In house training in interviewing skills
  • Implementation of grievance procedures


Overseas Employers

Abacus HR is able to provide a full range of HR services for companies having their headquarters overseas who are wishing to establish an operation the United Kingdom or become UK legislation compliant.

We will sure that you are fully comply with HR legislation from the day that your UK company is established, and can assist with recruitment if required.

Abacus HR has staff speaking French, German, Portuguese, Russian,& Chinese. We can produce your UK-compliant HR documentation in any of these languages if required.

We are particularly well equipped to assist Russian companies coming to the UK as our Russian speaking staff are fully HR qualified in Russia and the United Kingdom.


Abacus HR provides only bespoke courses to ensure the return on investment for both time and money spent is justified.

We provide training in theses focused areas.

  • Performance management improvement.
  • Understanding employment legislation and how to manage it.
  • Staff appraisal techniques.
  • Export sales development.
  • Interviewing for success.
  • Recruitment (getting it right first time).,
  • Management and leadership development.
  • Finance For non Finance managers.
  • Bid writing and tendering for success.
  • Presentation skills.


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